Apr 21, 2012

Feast of Fools and contest

Title:  Feast of Fools
Author:  Rachel Caine
Publisher:  New American Library
Publish Date:  03 June 2008
Pages: 242
ISBN:  978-0451224637
Source:  Bought
Genre:   YA, Vampires, romance
Series:   Morganville Vampires
Other books in series:   The Glass House, The Dead Girl’s Dance, Midnight Alley, Lords of Misrule, Carpe Corpus, Fade Out, Kiss of Death, Ghost Town, Bite Club, Last Breath, Black Dawn (01 May 2012), Bitter Blood (November 2012)

In the town of Morganville, vampires and humans live in relative peace. Student Claire Danvers has never been convinced, though, especially with the arrival of Mr. Bishop, an ancient, old-school vampire who cares nothing about harmony. What he wants from the town's living and its dead is unthinkably sinister. It's only at a formal ball, attended by vampires and their human dates, that Claire realizes the elaborately evil trap he's set for Morganville.

 This was written at the beginning of the book:
Claire Danvers was going to Caltech.  Or maybe MIT.  She had her pick of great schools…but her parents were a little worried about sending a wide-eyed sixteen-year old into such a high-pressure world.  So they compromised and sent her to a safe place for a year – Texas Prairie University, a small school located in Morganville, Texas, just a hour or so from their home.

On problem:  Morganville isn’t what it seems.  It’s the last safe place for vampires, and that makes it not very safe at all for the humans who venture in for work or school.  The vampires rule the town…and everyone who lives in it.

Claire’s second problem is that she’s gathered enemies, major ones, human and vampire.  Now she lives with housemates Michael Glass (newly made a vampire), Eve Rosser (always been Goth), and Shane Collins (whose absentee dad is a vampire killer).  Claire’s the normal one…or she would be, except that she’s deep into the secrets of Morganville.  She’s become an employee of the Founder, Amelie, and befriended one of the most dangerous, yet most vulnerable, vampires of them all – Myrnin.

And just when she thinks things can’t get worse…they have.

Amelie’s vampire father has come to town, and he’s not happy.

When Daddy’s not happy…nobody’s happy.
This story starts out when Claire and her housemates are “taken hostage” by Mr. Bishop and his two associates.  They want them to cook them breakfast.  What Mr. Bishop really wants is to talk to his daughter, Amelie.  Claire tries to get ahold of her, but eventually called on a “friend” Oliver to get ahold of Amelie for them before disastrous things happen.

Finally, Amelie comes over to talk with Mr. Bishop, who is also her father and Claire and her housemates are free to leave.  They wonder why Mr. Bishop is in town and what he wants.  There are people who speculate that he wants to destroy Amelie.  Talk is going around town about a ball that Amelie is holding in her father’s honor.  In order to attend, you have to be invited and accompanied by a vampire.  Why is this so important and why is Claire so interested in attending this ball?

This book was an easy read.  It kept me captivated from beginning to end.  Even though I haven't read any of the Morganville Vampire series before, I didn't feel as though I didn't know what was going on.  I liked the fact that it had a "the story so far" section at the beginning of the book.  I didn't notice one in the beginning of the other story in the omnibus, Midnight Alley.

This a unique situation because the cover of the book that I read is actually the omnibus volume two.  It has a woman on the front, who I presume to be Claire, since she is the main character.  I like the swirling on the cover.

 •Claire.  She really cares about people and is interested in their well-being.  Even though she is only sixteen, she is responsible.

•Claire’s housemates: Michael, Eve and Shane.  They really look out for each other.  There are a few budding romances in this book.

•Oliver.  He helps Claire and then out on a few occasions. 

•Amelie.  She acts as though she doesn’t have time for Claire and her questions and things that happen to her.  Claire is employed by her.

•Mr. Bishop.  He just waltzes into town and acts as though he is owed everything and wants it all.

•Ysandre.  She is one of the vampires that accompany Bishop.  

April 20th: GLASS HOUSES (Book 1)
April 21: THE DEAD GIRLS DANCE (Book 2)
April 22: MIDNIGHT ALLEY (Book 3)
April 23: FEAST OF FOOLS (Book 4)  
April 24: LORD OF MISRULE (Book 5)
April 25: CARPE CORPUS (Book 6)
April 26: FADE OUT (Book 7)
April 27: KISS OF DEATH (Book 8)
April 28: GHOST TOWN (Book 9)
April 29: BITE CLUB (Book 10)
April 30: LAST BREATH (Book 11)
MAY 1: BLACK DAWN (Book 12, NEW!)

I wrote this review in order to celebrate the release of Black Dawn, the 12th book in the Morganville Vampire series on May 1st.   The publisher, New American Library, which is an imprint of The Penguin Group, has graciously donated a copy of Glass Houses along with a Black Dawn bookmark for the giveaway today.  I am adding to that a copy of the first Omnibus and a autographed Black Dawn bookmark that I got at the RT Booklovers convention.


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  1. GREAT review of Feast if Fools. Look forward to more reviews of new fiction.

  2. I haven't read the series yet, but would like to.


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