Sep 29, 2012

The Curse Girl

Title: The Curse Girl
Author: Kate Avery Ellison
Publisher:  CreateSpace
Publish Date:  26 March 2012
Pages: 194
ISBN:  978-1461197942
Source:  Bought
Genre:  YA, paranormal, romance
Series:  none
Rating: Really Liked

When Bee is imprisoned in a magical, cursed house because of her father's selfish choices, she has just one plan... escape! But she must solve a riddle and help her fellow prisoners break the curse that binds them all before she can leave, and that is proving more difficult than she originally thought thanks to the bitter young master of the house, Will.

Will wants nothing to do with Bee or her help (and he certainly isn't planning on falling in love with her), but he might have underestimated just how determined and clever--and irresistible--she can be.

Beauty aka Bee, is sent to the cursed house after her father gets in trouble.  This is the only way to help him and her sick step-mother.  She has heard of the cursed house before and has very little faith that she will come out alive.  After she goes through the door, she turn around and finds that her father is no longer “marked” and tries to leave.  This doesn’t happen.

She doesn’t want to like the people in the house.  They have simple names like “housekeeper” because it has been so long that they have been under the curse and don’t remember their real names.  Then there is beast.  Then, one night, she hears something and discovers that there is a prisoner in the basement named Liam.  She can relate to Liam, being a prisoner herself.  After a while, she warms up the people in the house, even Will, even though she doesn’t like him at time.  She is the one who is expected to break the curse that was set upon the house.  That is the only way she can escape.  Will Bee ever be free?

After reading Frost as part of a blog tour, I had to read another book by Ellison.  I liked that this was a new spin on an old tale.  It gave you a new perspective.  The characters in the book were different than the ones that you see in the cartoon, Beauty and the Beast.  Although, Bee calls Will “Beast” at first, she soon softens up and calls him Will.  She only calls him Beast when she is not happy with him.   To be fair, Will calls her “Curse Girl” at first.   I won’t hesitate to read another book by Ellison and would highly recommend her.

I like to go on Goodreads and read other people's reviews of books before I read them.  This was posted under The Curse Girl and I LOVED it.   This review was written by Lylaa Yeaah Oritee ♥ and can be found here.
He glanced up once, eyes bored. “Please stop talking. I’m trying to eat.”

First I was like :
Bee - You are a whiny selfish brat,
Will - You are a self absorbed attractive jerk,
Rose - You weakling,
Liam - Shut up with your screaming,
Marian - You. Are. Amazing. Evil.

Then I was like :
Bee - Make up your mind and please, keep slamming the doors ( you are so mature )
Will - Why Will ? Why didn't you tell her ?
Rose - What the hell is happening to you :O
Liam - It's nice to be able to talk to someone,
Marian - You are crazy, woman !

Now I'm like :
Bee - I'm proud of you intelligent human, I love your determination :')
Will - I think I'm in love with your hair ;)
Rose - You need to get out more ;D
Liam - No comment. You shocked me.
Marian - Haha, shame. You got what you deserved !

Most hated characters go to :
Drew - You selfish ass. I bet if your sister, if you have one, went missing you wouldn't even have cared. I wouldn't mind hitting you in the head with a rotten fish :D

Dad - I cannot believe you sold your daughter out for wife number two. I pity you. No toilet paper for you sir. Good for nothing loser.

Other :
I adored the ending !
I loved this re-write :')
I loved Marians mood swings,
On the edge of my seat much.
More, more, more !

The first chapter of The Curse Girl can be found on Ellison's website

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