Jan 17, 2012

New Design

I've been working with Hafsah from Icey Designs on a new design for my blog.  I am very pleased with the way things turned out.  I loved working with Hafsah.  I initially chose her because I really liked the designs that were in her portfolio.  When we first had contact, I told her that I didn't know what I wanted, but I wanted it to be classy and I liked the colors blue and purple.  We must've e-mailed back and forth about 20 time or more getting everything right.  Hafsah was so patient with me.  I admit that I am a little bit OCD about things and she fixed what I had issues with without complaint. I love, love, love it!!  It gets even better though.  Not only did she design my blog, she designed social network icons that I can use in my post and a twitter background.  (check it out!)  I highly recommend her!


  1. Cool new design! Although I gotta say, I adored your old one :)

    1. I liked it too, but I wanted something a little more classy and something my own. (I just got a Lord of the Rings quote in my head.)


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